Which domain is more stable?

Today, I had some problem with my .rf.gd domain (Not showing the website and shows the first front page)

It was something like this, but the background was black and it might be because I was on the mobile.
Now, it’s fixed but I’m being worried because this could happen again, and if it happens when I release the website, It might be disaster…

Is this happened to everyone?
and which domain is more stable?
rf.gd? or .epizy.com?

Hello there,

If this just happened all of a sudden even though you didn’t configure or made any changes to your site in the past few hours, then this could just be a temporary issue with the server in which your account is hosted since there is probably an ongoing maintenance like migrating hosting accounts to the new servers with better hardware. You might want to check back in a few hours to see if it’s working fine again.

Both are just the same in my opinion, both are stable really. rf.gd is good if you want your site too look like if it’s using a TLD domain and not a subdomain.


When did you start adding/creating the domain to InfinityFree?
If you just recently add/create domain in InfinityFree, please wait about 24-72 hours to make DNS propagation take effect worldwide.

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They are both the same since they are all given and maintained both by InfinityFree.

I created it yesterday, and I chacked it working yesterday. This morning, I chacked it too, and it was working. However, around 1 p.m. I chacked it again, and it didn’t work.

Seems like a temporary issue.

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Your site url please?

Yeah, it was a temporary issue. But, if that happens when I release my website to others, it might be really bad…

Website url? (So that we can check it)

It only has the basic title page and forum (tangoBB).
The forum page is scarletengine.rf.gd/forum

For me your site works fine, consider to flush your dns cache.

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your main page is just the page of a fresh start page. The forum seems also work for me.

Clear your cache in the browser and try again.

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yeah, it’s working fine! You should consider making your own custom index.html for your homepage.

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Yeah. My site is completly ok, but it has some temporal issues (what I said in the question) today, and because I’m wondering that this could happens again, I asked this question.

This could happen again if our server, the infinityfree and ifastnet servers are upgrading or migrating, you know.

Its normal to faced some temporary issues. It has to do with upgrading/migrating InfinityFree servers.

That’s exactly what’s happening to me, except I get redirected to this afterwards:

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