Which am I upgrading?

So I want upgrade to a premium hosting facility with unlimited website data / bandwidth and the option of having the email accounts can also use with my website but im getting confused. Can someone help?

So set up the infinityfree account then a sitebuilder with domain… however decided didnt like the site so not going to use that as I then went onto Accounts tab / selected my account / site and clicked on the control panel to then access the screen where you can scroll down and install app on the Softaculous App Installer part… and from there installed WordPress. Now I have designed a site I like on WordPress BUT crucially want a hosting option as mentioned above with unlimited data / bandwidth etc.

The question I have is exactly which hosting service am I upgrading and how much should it cost… e.g. on infinityfree.com is a price mentioned of $3.99 a month for IFastNetSuperPremium yet when im within my account and click top right to ‘UpGrade’ it take me to a different website IfastNet.com and the SuperPremium service is $4.99 a month. Which is it and where am I actually upgrading from InFinityFree please.

One other consideration is assuming I upgrade will the actual WordPress site ive designed still have this unlimited bandwidth / data / email functionality applied to it too OR have I totally missed the point and should I actually just upgrade the WordPress side of things and Infinity is ‘finished’ for me?.I assume down the line I will be able to make the WordPress site my main domain / main site via the Infinity set up with own domain name even though I started setting up via the site builder functionality in InfinityFree?

Hope that all makes sense and hope someone can help me as im so confused!


This article should help:

As long as the website is in the account you upgrade, then yes. Keep in mind that the “Super Premium” plan you mentioned does not have unlimited bandwith; that’s the “Ultimate Premium” plan, Super has a 250GB limit.

I’m not sure what you mean here, but you could try and see if InfinityFree’s free plan is enough for your site, and if you hit any limits and want more along the way, then decide to upgrade.


Thanks. Yes sorry Ultimate Premium I think is the account I meant / need. Thanks for your answers. Not sure I still understand though. So just clicking on upgrade within Infinity Free… and then selecting the $7.99 a month for the Premium is the option I should go for thus ignoring the $6.90 a month on the Infinity Free page advert? And this will ‘upgrade’ bandwidth etc for the whole account which includes the downloaded App for WordPress site I created therefore the WordPress site would come under the new allowance automatically. What I meant is since WordPress on their own allow you to sign up with them I believe I was wondering if I should look to just upgrade the bandwidth etc within WordPress own offering but I guess the site I have now built on WordPress is linked to Infinity so that would not work. Thanks so much. Steve

The reason why you are getting different prices is that infinityfree’s ads are a sort of “base price” while ifastnet’s prices include a “free domain” by default and thus charge more(Yes,they charge you for “free domains”).
If you don’t need a domain,then you can safely tick out this:

And you will see the base price shown in infinityfree,no more frustration.

I don’t really know what are you trying to say,but it should work.After you purchased premium,open a support ticket in ifastnet to ask them migrate the site for you.
You would want to read the article that @ChrisPAR gave you.


Thanks will look into all this now.

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Thanks everyone that link that ChrisPAR gave me does seem to answer most of my questions - thank you.


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