Where's my account/website?


Website : bordel.epizy.com

My account is not here anymore… i don’t know why… my website has disappeared…


Is there nothing in the client area? You should check your email (spam too) and look for emails from iFastNet or InfinityFree.


When was the last time you used it?

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Your InfinityFree account epiz_26038018 (Website for bordel.epizy.com) has been suspended.

Your account was taken down because you have exceeded the usage limits for free hosting or because of abuse.

For more information about why your account was suspended, or to have staff review your account for reactivation, please submit a support ticket from your client area.

View Account in Client Area


Received this on september.

So i didn’t see the message because it was on another mail and i connected 1 month later and they had deleted the account? :frowning:

Well then the account is gone.

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Accounts are removed after a suspension if you don’t login to your account or acknowledge the email. Your account has been permanently suspended and there is not way to remover it. Hopefully you have a backup.


nope, no backup. it evaporated into the cyberworld. RIP.

maybe i have a backup somewhere, of months ago. i’ll check in my mess. x)
thank you guys for your answers.

I got “dial tcp: lookup bordel.epizy.com on no such host

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yeah, it is showed when going on “bordel. epizy .com”, it doesn’t exist.

Sorry there, as you did not login to the control panel and did not receive any hits (minimum is 4-5). With said, your account indeed flew to hell/heaven (based on your content) :balloon:

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