where to put the indexing file provided by google in the file manager of hosting

where should i put the file google66f62da09d132a41.html for the google indexing. pls simply explain this. i have tried and put this file in folder of my domain hanumangarh.org (aslo placed this file in subfolder of hanumangarh.org named htdocs but again error) and also tried in htdocs folder but everytime google webmaster shoeing error message. pls help.

Hello @hanumangarh.

If I am not mistaken you’re supposed to place it in htdocs folder of your domain.

However there is a security system on InfinityFree that disallows automated visits from bots to prevent any posibble DDoS attacks or phishing bot attacks. But I am unsure if this applies to Google bots too.

Perhaps @Admin could know more about your issue.


@Admin pls help me to resolve this problem.

everytime google webmaster shoeing error message

What’s the error message? I can’t say why it’s giving a certain error message if I don’t know the error message.

I indexed my site to Google. But even after so many days It is not appearing in searches. But google showing that they have indexed my site. I think this is a hosting problem Cause When I hosted my site with 000webhost then After 1 day of indexing my site it started coming in searches. Pls help me with proper solution. :slight_smile:

Google can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to index the content. However, Google shares next to nothing about how their search engine works so there is no way to say for certain why your site hasn’t been indexed yet.