Where To Find Root Directory Of Website For Verification

Hello admin i have a website with my own domain and want to verify it by a third party website by uploading a HTML file on the sever of website. But i can’t find the root directory of website so the HTML file will be shown as the www.mysite.com/file.html please help me in this topic… :s

Hello there.

Do you mean that you want to verify it on a service, like Google Webmaster or similiar service? Simply find in the File Manager folder named after your domain that you want to verify on the 3rd party service and then on that same folder there will be htdocs folder which is where public_html content is being held on. This rule is for any domain, except your base domain that you choosed when signing up (in that case it is simply htdocs already on the highest possible directory in File Manager).

Wasen’t .html file being showed right on the root of your domain what you wanted to do?

Also InfinityFree has a automated-bot prevention system to defend our customers and their websites from automated DDoS attacks and similiar manners. Due to this many verification services may not work or automated services that send their crawlerbot to your website, however there are some exceptions as far as I remember…

Have a nice day!