Where is the virtual machine?

Does Infinityfree provide a virtual machine for each user, like web developers can operate on them?



Thank you. So where can I install something on the server?

You need to write clearly. IF only support PHP and MySQL

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Oh. So it would only be able to support uncomplex websites such as blogs, right?

IF is only meant for web hosting


Ok, thanks!

Well, what I actually want to make is like Codeforces, so can you reply me one last time(sorry for bothering). If you tell me IF cannot support it I’ll go somewhere else.

Forum - Yes
API - Against TOS

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OK then, I will go somewhere else. I see boundaries of free webhosting service. But nonetheless it’s an awesome idea. and thank again this bro.


You should be able to do that on premium hosting. Premium hosting also have VPSs for you to buy.

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