Where is the robots.txt

Hello, I have recently been searching for the robots.txt file for my website (merchandisemuseum.kesug.com) on infinityfree file manager so I can edit it, but I can’t find it anywhere. Can someone please show me where specifically can I find it in my file manager, because I’m sure I have a robots.txt file as it appears when I enter /robots.txt after my website url, but I don’t know where to locate it. Any help?

In the htdocs of this domain merchandisemuseum.kesug.com.
As soon as you enter htdocs you should see it


I can’t find it.

i search everywhere but couldnt find it still. Plsease help!

You did not provide sufficient enough info.
I guess is this

If you are using virtual file, then it cannot be found.

Opening too many threads makes it difficult to get the necessary help needed.


ok done, i edited it using the plugin. Thanks for the heads up!

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