Where exactly the root folder

where exactly the root folder for your website is located. If the file is added correctly, it should be accessible by the following link: https://viralbiglove.online/sw-check-permissions-231f9.js

The root folder is /htdocs.

Can you screenshot the file in the filemanager / FileZilla? Make sure to include the entire page/application within the screenshot.


I put a file in /htdocs, but when I check, it doesn’t exist.

Here’s the screenshot you requested

Can you take a scrolling capture/take screenshots from the beginning until the end of the page and post them all in a post? The entire folder cannot be seen on this screenshot.

In any case, since I see that the files are sorted by name, I can safely deduct that there’s no sw-check-permissions-231f9.js file present in your directory. Try uploading it again?
Make sure that this doesn’t occur either:


I deleted it because when verifying a verification in a company, it says that verification has not been completed.
Can I send you a file and you’ll download it for more than 24 hours? I’ll try

I have re-uploaded now you can check

I have re-downloaded it now and when I check in the company is not verified

Will it be verified or are you looking for another host?

I will look for another host. My friend chose a company
hostinger added a file and its website was activated in 10 minutes

How do I delete a domain from hosting?

The reason that is not working is probably because of this:

As for how you can remove a domain, from the control panels “Addon Domains” section.


This is the worst hosting, thank God, because I did not deposit my money in it. I said to try it first. Thank you for providing assistance

For free, it’s actually pretty good.

Not a problem, glad I could help.

And just so you know, premium hosting does not have that limitation.


While this doesn’t work because of hosting limitations, I checked their service and they have this in their page:

Sometimes, in very rare cases, there might be a technical issue on the ProPush side. In this case, we will check if you did everything correctly, and verify your source manually.

You may wish to give that a try if you have not switched hostings.


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