Where do you get all these server resources?

You don’t have to answer this if it is too much information, but I want to know whether you own the servers/rent the servers. I did hear that you are partners of IFastNet, but then I saw in another post that you use money you earn to fund better servers. Does that mean you have to pay IFastNet?

iFastNet provides the server space for free hosting, which is funded by premium hosting sales. We don’t pay iFastNet for the server space at this time.

Do you know which post that was and what the exact wording was? I do occasionally use the word “us” to refer to both iFastNet and InfinityFree to keep things simple.


Right, that description refers more towards iFastNet’s expenses than our own, and is built mostly on assumptions.

I’ve rewritten the article a bit to be more clear about the reasons.