Where do i get ssl certificate

I followed the instruction to get a SSL certificate for my domain down to where said to get the certificate and paste it new the window. I am using InfinityFree for everything.
Where do I get the certificate?

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Still clear as mud!

I followed all the directions down to the point where says:

I have added the CNAME records, what’s next?

For now, you’ll need to wait. DNS changes can take a while to take effect.

You can check the client area again in an hour. If you set the CNAME records correctly, it should say Ready next to Current Destination. If not, please go back and make sure you’ve set up your CNAME records correctly.

If the CNAME records show as Ready, you can now continue with the instructions in the client area.

That’s where it goes south…the part that says “You can check the client area again in an hour.” WHERE? there’s nothing called the “client area” for me to go check in and see if something says "Ready".

The “Client Area” is the Client Area at https://app.infinityfree.net/ from where you can click “SSL certificates” and view the SSL certificate you requested. It will show wether the CNAME verification for your ssl certificate is “ready” or “not ready” and when it is “ready”, you can request your certificate.


Still not much help…I finally figured out that everyone means to go to your intro page and click on the little icon at the top that says “FreeSSL Certificates”. Then you see the page I attached (ssl1.png) that shows the three attempts I paid at doing this. And if I click on any one of the “Verify” buttons, they all show me the same thing “Not Ready”. And I still don’t see a SSL certificate . Nor do I see where it would appear if I ever do get one. It’s been hours since I did all of that.

Had to do a sceond post to add the second image.

Please show CNAME record from VPanel


Good thing 1i knew where to see it. Because “VPanel” is very vague.
ANYWAY…See attached

“vPanel”, “cPanel”, “Control Panel”, “Vista Panel”, all refer to the web hosting control panel, VistaPanel that is implemented at cpanel.epizy.com. It is designed to be similar to the nonfree alternative, cPanel (which is available with premium hosting).
“Client Area”, refers to the website where you can manage your Hosting Accounts, Free SSL Certificates, and Site.pro Site Builders. It was designed by Admin.
“Hosting Account”, means the account (which starts with epiz_) that contains the domain(s), files for your domain(s), database(s), and cPanel.

If you are having trouble understanding these concepts and how you have to manually configure lots of things, maybe you are better suited using fully managed hosting, such as Google Sites or Weebly.


You did not
CNAME record should be created as below


I GIVE UP ! This whole "getting a SSL Certificate thing is way to completed and confusing. I have cut and pasted the KEY and the CERTIFICATE so many times and received so many different error messages, it just isn’t worth the effort.
So that’s it ! I will move my site somewhere else or live without the SSL Certificate.

If you have copied and pasted the private key in to their respective boxes, all you have to do it press “Upload”, but make sure to upload the key and then the certificate. If you get any error messages, feel feee to paste them here!


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