Where can i?

I wana know that where can i host my anime website without getting account suspended ?

If you follow the terms and don’t use too many resources, services like InfinityFree are great. If you need more resources / space then premium (paid) hosting is the way to go.


It depends on two things: the content of your anime and the medium in which it will be distributed.
If your anime is not harmful in nature and conforms to our Terms of Service, you have checked one of two boxes.
If you are developing a web-comic, and you plan to make use of HTML and a few images (there would probably be many, so you’d want to consider an image spritesheet/spritemap), you’d check the second box (granted, your website doesn’t use way too many resources).

So, if you’ve checked those two boxes, I see no reason why you can’t try hosting with us. However, if you’re distribution medium is video, you’ll want to use a video sharing platform such as YouTube. But if the content of your anime is sensitive (e.g., pornographic), you’ll need to find a video sharing site that is either dedicated to that type of content or expressly allows you to publish it.


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