Whenever I turn cloudflare service, my improvmx email forwarding is suddenly not working

My website: peezzied.ga (under development)

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask a question about this problem.

I enable Cloudflare for an origin SSL certificate, at the same time to secure my site.
Whenever I do this, my improvmx suddenly now forwarding emails to my gmail. Even though I have entered their MX and SPF records.

The cause of this problem is Cloudflare obviously. I don’t know why? I hope you could help me
Thank you!

Welcome. Once you switched to CF nameservers, you need to add the MX and SPF records to CF dns. Without that improvmx will not work.

Yes, but I directly enable CF through infinityfree control panel

Dun do that. Follow this guide…


So, I will delete my current account on Cloudflare that I enable through cPanel and do this procedure instead?

Up to you.
But you must disable Cloudflare integration via VPanel first


Alright, but what will happen to my website if I replace the n1/2.epizy.com nameserver with CF NS

If you setup the right DNS records at Cloudflare, then you’ll just have Cloudflare on your site and that’s it.

But do note that if you are using Cloudflare’s nameservers, then you’re responsible for setting up the right DNS records. We can only manage the records in our nameservers for you.

What DNS record are you talking about? It is not nameserver?

if you have your DNS hosted with Cloudflare, you need to go to the DNS section in your Cloudflare dashboard and create your records there.

Yes, but how? Look at the quote

Can you follow instruction?

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No, that’s different. Every domain is configured to use some nameservers, and those nameservers need to have DNS records to route various (sub)domains and services to different servers, providers and IP addresses.

And if you’re asking that question, maybe you shouldn’t concern yourself with manual DNS management in the first place? Maybe just disabling Cloudflare and using our nameservers is the easiest way to get your website and your email to wor?

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If what I am writing below is confusing, or you don’t understand. Please just stick with InfintyFree nameservers!

  1. Change the 2 nameservers on your domain to match Cloudflare’s
  2. In Cloudflare, create 2 “A” records that point to infinity free’s nameservers
  3. Create the rest of your DNS changes in Cloudflare (Note: ALL DNS changes must be done in Cloudflare after you change the nameservers)
  4. Note that it can take up to 72 hours for DNS changes to take effect.

This is what I had to do to change my website to Cloudflare DNS, and please let me know if I have any mistypes or mistakes so I can fix them. Thanks!


This is very helpful, thank you so much.

This a great tip!
I created the “A” Record pointing to the server IP address. I didn’t know it was possible to do it using the nameservers.
Thank you.


What should I put here?

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That’s not how it supposed to work. You’ll usually want to point your domain name to the website IP, not the nameserver IP. After all, you’re not using our nameservers if you use Cloudflare’s nameservers.


Oops, I wonder if I set up my site incorrectly than :thinking:? Is there a help article somewhere on this? I couldn’t find one.