Whenever i try to upload files on OFM it asks me to log in, i log in but it throws me back to root f

So i tried to upload a .zip file to install new CMS on my site and when i choosed my files and clicked the green check, a yellow layout apperead and asked me to log in. My full, epiz username was already inputted into text box and i only had to type in my password. As i suppose i had to type in my cPanel password, so i did it and it didn’t show acess granted or acces denied, it just throw me back to file manager’s root directory. I tried to do it again like 2 or 3 times and same thing happened. That log in page had stuff like: Anonymous login, SSL login, Passive login. It also had advanced log in option. I cannot upload files now :frowning:

I can think of a few things which went wrong here, but the most important advice I can give is to use a regular FTP client like FileZilla to do larger uploads. There are many reasons why an upload could break when using a web based file manager.

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