When Will the rf.gd problem solved

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When Will the rf.gd problem solved I am having a very big issue. I am running a Website It is Very important. artiso.rf.gf
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Unfortunately, there is no ETA, if you cannot wait, then I recommend moving your website to epizy.com or a custom free freenom.com domain.


Freenom is not working

That’s an issue you can talk to Freenom about, then use epizy.com

Please can you help me getting a domain from freenom

There is a tutorial below;

Please explain more than just ‘not working’.

Can I that I remove one domain and install second domain in epizy.com domain in My Website artisto.rf.gd

Every time I register a domain. it says me some technical issues occurred :thinking:

Try using a VPN

Please , A last question

If I put freenom domain in it can I change it to rf.gd again

If I put freenom domain in it can I change it to rf.gd again

I have a website artisto.rf.gd
Can I make it artisto.ga

And if wanted again to artisto.rf.gd

Thanks in advance

tk TLD isn’t supported here due to abuse. Use another TLD first :slight_smile:


Many people get domain from freenom

BUT why I can’t.

It always shows me after completing everything that some technical issues occurred

Please anyone help me

As said in a previous topic, Please contact freenom about this, by visiting their website, or try using a VPN

What is vpn

It is a ‘Virtual Private Network’ Most people use them to get around country-wide network blocks, you ca use ones like windscribe.com, if that doesn’t work, then contact freenom

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