When will PHP 8 Release come to Free Hosting?

Username: epiz_32839065

Error Message: You are running PHP version 7.4.8. You need PHP 8.0.0 or above. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for an upgrade.

Other Information: First of all, hello, I would like to thank you, the valuable InfinityFree community team, on my own behalf. Thanks to this free hosting you have provided to us, I spend my web development period very easily. However, among the requirements of the site I have now uploaded; PHP version 8 is required. I know for some reason you removed the version selection for free hosting. But I really need PHP 8 version for this project. If I could afford it, I would buy the Premium package. But unfortunately I can’t. When I change the PHP version in the codes, nothing about the installation comes up. That is, I cannot change the version through the codes. (The Code Does Not Own Me). Community Forum site. Please share the php 8 version with us as soon as possible. I love you guys, I will never forget your support.
The appendices are shared to explain the subject better.

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It will come. We just do not know when


I installed Laravel via Softalicious the other day and, it too, wanted PHP 8+.

One suggestion: remove any apps from the auto installer that require PHP 8+

That’s come up before, and an anwser has already been given. The amount of time it would take to do that is insane. And then when PHP 8 is added, someone is going to have the remember to put them all back again.


Sorry, I didn’t know how complicated it was. I look forward to PHP 8.

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The things is, Laravel can work fine with older PHP versions. Just not Laravel 9. Laravel 8 works on PHP 7.4, and seems to be actively maintained still.

And we cannot dozens of versions for hundreds of applications to see if they work or not.


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