When will my account be deleted?

Hello, I deactivated my account on October 28, 2019. As of Today, January 6, 2020, it has not been deleted yet. I understand that I have to wait 60 days after the deactivation for the account to be deleted and since that time has already passed, I want to ask when it is estimated to be deleted?

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Normally, accounts are deleted after 60 days almost exactly. But there are edge cases which could occur which can delay the automatic deletion for a bit. I just checked it, and old accounts are being cleaned up as I’m writing this, so your account will come up soon as well.

As for how long it takes, I don’t know. It could be a few days, but also more or less.


Ok, thank you.

I deactivated my account on November 5, 2019. Today it’s 13 January 2020, it has not been deleted

it will be deleted be patient.

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