When will infinityfree offer free top level domains?

In my country and I think a lot of other countries suffer from the problem I am going to talk about as well. We don’t have credit cards in my country so I can’t buy anything online including domain no matter how cheap they are even if they cost 0.0001$ i still can’t buy them because i simply don’t have a credit card. So if infinityfree started offering free top level domains that would be great for me! So is there any plans to add free top level domains?

Uh so try to use a credit card to buy online? Also InfinityFree indeed has TLD’s like, epizy.com and infinityfreeapp.com

We don’t have credit cards

Aren’t this subdomains?

Never heard of any such country…

Yes they are, Why would anyone give free domains? Or just use freenom.com.

Yes, but how do you know I live in Algeria?

on your profile
if identify via ip

InfinityFree is not a domain registrar and most likely never will be. However, you can use an external service like NameSilo.com to register your own top level domain. NameSilo offers multiple payment methods for Algeria: OneCard and Mint. I believe you can also make a virtual debit card that is routed to your bank on some websites.

Or if that is too much of a hassle, you can do as @jaikrishna.t suggested and get a domain from Freenom.com or nic.Eu.org.


None in the slightest, and it most likely will never happen.

Top level domains are not free. Domain registrars pay money to the registry for each domain they register, and most of what you pay to a domain registrar goes into the pocket of the registry.

With hosting, it’s possible to develop custom systems and optimize everything to reduce costs to an absolute minimum, which is how it becomes feasible. But for domain names, that’s impossible.

That’s why plenty of free hosting provider exists, and only one free TLD provider: Freenom.

What about debit cards? Or PayPal? Or phone payments? Or bitcoin?

There are numerous ways to transfer money online that do not involve credit cards. Sure, your options regarding companies who accept them may be worse than with credit cards. But that doesn’t mean there are no options.


also eu.org

This is more of a subdomain


Hey Buddy,
Really sad that you don’t have credit cards in your country.
But I guess for online shopping we can also use UPI, Google Pay and Debit Cards and also Crypto.
Now don’t tell me these things are also not available there.

And that free tld domains don’t make sense at all. A .in domain costs around 6 dollar, include taxes, and .com around 8 dollars. Just imagine if @Admin starts giving these domain to everyone for free. He will just become bankrupt.

If someone’s maths is weak: 1 .com domain = $8
1000 .com domains = $8000
if infinityfree has 10,000 users, I know there are more

then it will become fucking 80000 dollars. And that’s more than my dad’s yearly salary.

Our website home page says “over 400,000 people”. At $8 per domain, that’s around 3.5 million dollars per year.

InfinityFree is financially healthy, but we’re nowhere near that rich.

Not including the fact that there is just no business sense in there. We can use free hosting to promote premium hosting. How would that work with domain names?



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