When is php 8 on board?

Just wanted to ask, when can we expect php 8 to be available?


Yet isn’t known and there is no hint that it will be.

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Also please next time, put questions under “Formal” not “Hosing Support”.


PHP 8 is in developmental stages right now, so it is quite unstable. I think infinityfree is waiting (or at least they should be) until it is stable enough to release safely.


Hmm, INFORMAL is only for chitchat and other stuff, for hosting/cpanel/php questions hosting support is the right category

Didn’t they have more topics but then merged them into two categories? I remember having a “coding help” section or something of the sort.

Idk, I am a new member here

Huh, I’m pretty new here too and I saw the different topic sections (must have been taken down in the summer).

Yes there are. But it was hidden on our side (I know it because im… joined this forum around June)

No I mean as in scripting support and all (for coding-related questions). Yeah, announcements and all are hidden, but I joined in april or so, and I believe I saw there were at least one more topic we could post in… but never mind.

How are you a regular then?

Because he’s active frequently on this forum


*Informal (opposite of formal): goes for anything that isn’t related to hosting. So this category he’s picked up is correct.

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Maybe 8 months?
Because PHP 8 is new unlike PHP 7

But if you’re regular, you’re old member.

Well I am just 3-4 months old, which is quite new here

Incase you haven’t realised, PHP 8 is not recommended for production and is still in development.


I would guess some time next year. But I don’t know for sure.

While PHP 8 is formally released, it always takes while for popular CMS to be updated to support the latest PHP version, and then for every installation of those CMS to be updated to the versions which work with PHP 8. Upgrading to the latest PHP version immediately after release is a great way to break a good portion of the websites we host, which is of course something we don’t want to happen.

There was a Website Development category before, but it was merged into Hosting Support. The reason is that for too many topics, it wasn’t clear which category doesn’t work.

If you have, say, a Laravel site and it doesn’t work, is this an issue with the code or a problem with getting the code to work on InfinityFree? If your site doesn’t work and you don’t understand why, it’s hard to make the right call even if you want to choose the right category.

Most of the topics in Website Development, there were very few generic programming questions in there.

This question also did not belong there. Website Development was for things not specifically related to InfinityFree. “When will InfinityFree have PHP 8” is very specifically related to InfinityFree.

And if you want to have a discussion like “how to make your website ready for PHP 8” or “what do you think of the changes in PHP 8”, you can do that in the Informal category.

Speaking of informal discussions, please keep the “hey how long have you been here, what does Regular mean” stuff out of here. Questions about InfinityFree features is a support question. Talking about what the forum was like before is great chit-chat for a topic in the Informal category.


First, really apologize for bump. You can close this after my reply :sweat_smile:

My theory, according to
If iFastNet upgrades PHP to 7.4 for us in July 2020, that’s around 5 months before PHP 7.3 reached end of active support.
So, we should get PHP 8.0 in around June 2021 :partying_face:

For popular CMS (like WordPress), in it’s latest version (5.6), WordPress is already implementing PHP 8.0 support, even it’s still not perfect. :smiley:
So let’s see if WordPress can fully implement PHP 8.0 support in version 5.7