When I upload my files they don't appear on my domain

My Website URL is - http://classicsproject.epizy.com/
And as you can see Its on the screen with ‘related links’
I have uploaded my files via ftp and they are all there in the htdocs.
What is the problem and how do I fix it?

Is this correct? Then Clear your browser caches and revisit your website again.

That is correct, but when i load the same domain I get this

Have you tried clearing your browser caches?

To clear your cache, simply navigate to History > Clear Browsing Data, and tell me if it is still not working.

yeah, please clear your cache

I have now, my history is completely empty and it still doesnt work

When did you created the account or the domain?

Because sometimes, it will take upto 72 hours before your domain will propagate and start working anywhere!


Oh i see, I will try again later then!

Yes, just tell us or comment here if the domain is still not working.

All working Now! Thanks for your help!

Oops, I spoke to soon
Now the index works fine but the hyperlinks to the pages aren’t working, I’m getting a 404 page not found error.
Is this due to the domain not being up for 72 hours, or is there something else that could be the problem

hyperlinked the buttons to the exact path where you uploaded files because I am not able to find your files on http://classicsproject.epizy.com/index.html/royaltyorheroman.html
Are you sure you entered the correct path?

Yes it all works on my computer, just not on the website. The links and file names are all the same as they are on my computer as well

I don’t think that file exist at that location.
404 error states that file doesn’t exist. If you try using direct link you won’t be able to find files because they don’t exist. Check htdocs and make sure that you uploaded those files to which you are hyperlinking.

please note our servers are CaSe SeNsItIvE, the cases must be in lower cases. like CaSe.html != case.html


Yes, As I said, the files are called the exact same as they are on my computer and are all uploaded via ftp.

Thank you, I will have a look now

Did you already fixed it? Cause rn, I could click and continue by those buttons, like there is no error. Every buttons that the page have, it will navigate me into a something picture (Greek or Roman Mythology Gods I think):

A box-picture

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