When i press verify to check if my folder is uploaded it doesn't work

Hello When i press verify to check if my folder is uploaded it doesn’t work but i m sure that the file/folder is uploaded so any solution?

Thank you.

What do you mean? I can’t understand the issue, verify a folder from where?

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Use filezilla?


its like this like for example to verify my website that it belongs to me i have to add a html code on the head so there are another method : its to add a file on my root directory and verify it but it doesn’t detect it :confused:

ps: the same problem for the html code if i add it it doesn’t detect it

Likely due to this



Do u mean root is the htdocs directory right? Make sure ur html file is htdocs folder.

Most company’s also allow you to validate your site using a CNAME or text record. Is that an option?

Nop its code html or a file

Use the html code then, just create an index.html in the /htdocs folder and paste the code and save it;

The problem is not saving the file, its the fact that the validation service cannot verify it.

@firstorme, can you share the domain name? You can PM me (Click my profile) if you don’t want it to be public.