When i enter my domain it provides numbers

Please when i access my website jsteachings.com it gives me numbers and other stuffs. please i need help

Whats in your index.html/index.php fille?

it’s a wordpress website

Perhaps read this:


but the admin page is working and also it was working yesterday

Then you must have changed something in your WP settings or configuration that caused this to happen. The only thing I can suggest right now is re-installing WordPress.

ok thanks, but hope i will not lose my database

Don’t delete the Database, only the files. Then your data should still be there.




I have face the same problem. when I enter my domain.
Is your problem solved?
Please help me
My domain is : http://tihexam.rf.gd/

Some of the accounts are corrupted. You may have to restore from backup. Happened to me as well…

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