What's the right time to move towards Cloud Hosting?

Do you people have knowledge of Cloud Hosting? After how much traffic should we consider moving to cloud hosting?

Edit: Thank everyone for your help. I finally purchased a “VPS & Dedicated” hosting plan from UltraWebHosting. One of my tech friends suggested me a ReeCoupons store for this.

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That’s actually a good question!

Yes. There are many people who know and use Cloud Hosting such as Soundar, BayoDino etc!

Most people with a normal blog doesn’t need Cloud Hosting. Some of my IRL clients with websites with not a lot of traffic use normal shared hosting.
If you have a News or a E-Commerce website with a lot of traffic I’d recommend switching to Cloud Hosting. Or you can get it from the get-go (WHICH I DONT RECOMMEND) and get it from like Cloudways where they have a pay as you use system.

But how much traffic? Or it also depends on other circumstances?

like 50,000 visits per day. InfinityFree’s Main, KB and this forum is hosted on DigitalOcean. It may also depend on the circumstances.

And should we also know DevOps tools or must have good networking knowledge?

For VPS. For Cloud you don’t need DevOps and Networking Knowledge

Okay, thank you!


No Problem. Happy to help out…

Really depends on what you mean by Cloud Hosting. Different providers say they offer it, but provide services that aren’t even comparable.

The only thing cloud hosting providers seem to have in common is that most of them have multiple servers which are connected into a single platform, and you’re hosting on that platform.

As to what you’ll actually get, it could be anything. I’ve seen the following types of services be advertised as Cloud:

  • Web hosting (but usually faster and more reliable).
  • VPS hosting (usually with near instant provisioning and billing per hour or less, but I’ve also seen classic VPS hosts call themselves cloud).
  • IaaS: VPS hosting, but usually with more advanced network capabilities, managed databases and load balancers and so on. Think Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, etc.
  • PaaS: Managed application hosting. Heroku is the most well known example, but there are plenty of other providers.
  • SaaS: A fully managed application delivered as a ready to go service.

In that regard, our free hosting could also be considered “cloud hosting”.

So, to answer your question:

I think I do. Although I’m probably not the only one.

Every website with a non negative visitor number should use cloud hosting. That includes 0 visitors.

As for whether you want web hosting, VPS hosting, IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, that depends on your needs and resources.


Just to add, web hosting is the most easier way to host a website, having a vps/dedicated server and having to manage it your self is very difficult, unless you have a good knowledge about it.


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