Whats is wrong, yesterday was working fine


url minimarketsanfelipe.com

Same here… Please somebody help!!!

IP was a short time down

I see this now



how do you think it’s not related to the topic ?

test is here



the domain i bought on namecheap… the hostig is inifnity freee ns1.epizy.com ns2.epizy.com

I answer the OP question
you came later…

so please


@a1astairstephen, you should provide a domain. Also, @Oxy is showing relevant information to the OP’s issue. If your issue is ‘unrelated’ you shouldn’t be posting on this topic.


You are correct. iFastNet has issues like this, and we tell you how to solve them. Also, caps are considered yelling, and that’s quite rude. Furthermore, you already have a topic, you why are you posting on this one as well?

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It does not have to be a problem at all but for example an update running on the server
which while being performed causes such conditions.

I certainly beg you not to waste your life time on futile discussions

I mean, when we have people in here who think they run the host; provide biased input and self diagnosis - users shouldn’t have to dig for solution if in fact it is a problem with Infinity host service, then suddenly help requests get removed and replies hidden for speaking the truth against a pretentious forum user?? wow


it seems to me that everything is ok now

Update - after 25 minutes it doesn’t work again


from here i cant access…

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No, I’m using epizy subdomain right now. But don’t worry, my problem is automatically fixed.

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