What's everyone been up to?

The title says it all really. What have you been up to during these crazy times? Im intrigued to know what people have been doing to occupy themselves. Me, I have been going for lots of walks mainly. Ive been programming my website(s) and Roblox Games. That’s about it really.


Programming weird things since I’ve found it easier than drawing, Renewing old games too lol. Not a failure but not a bery successful thing too. Like that which is supposed to be renew of old Petz series(spped is awful on mobile) :



I wouldn’t even attempt to draw anything on any device or IRL. Im absolutely crap at it. My design brain is something else so i just tend to stick to the logical side.


Coding, exploring and learning. I’m on my way to making to a video streaming site soon too, using html and php. Since Lockdown here is easing, I’m currently out somewhere.


Anywhere interesting?

I was currently building my own PHP CMS specifically built for low resource sites. It will be opened as open source project soon. This CMS will be so light but powerful for small websites which fully-packed with security.


Good luck with it!


I wish I would be a beta tester :slight_smile:

I hope if and only if i completed the “core” files which contains the core different codes.


A few agos I finished making a sort of ‘OAuth System’ on my website, that doesn’t quite follow the same rules… Its interesting… Its light and powerful and extremely difficult to manipulate. I spent about 3 months making it and im extremely proud of the final result.


@TigerMANEK426 could you tell me more about that here please?

I was literally about to post in your topic when you said that LOL




The thing I’ve done during these crazy times is watch lots of Bob Ross painting programmes. It’s fascinating just to see how an impressive scene can be created by just applying a dozen simple techniques. The materials are expensive, so I won’t be trying it out for real, but there’s always something you can learn about how to tackle problems by watching other people solve them, and the realisation that things can be a lot simpler than they look does transfer to other things. I might have a go at writing some art software.


Great! But do you draw too?



I’m just working on Bayo3D.js

I don’t do much drawing due to lack of time, but I can draw reasonably well thanks to a few tips I picked up from an old book. It showed an impressive drawing of a landscape, but it also showed how to create it in stages, and the first of those steps was simply to draw in the outlines of the main components of the scene, which doesn’t look at all special because anyone could do that part easily enough just by measuring things by holding a pencil out at arm’s length to get the proportions right, and yet the additions that transform it from there into a convincing scene are all trivial and simple. It’s very much the same thing watching Bob Ross at work as you see the simple process used to create something that looks orders of magnitude harder than it actually is. It’s just a matter of learning a series of simple tricks for each kind of thing in the drawing or painting.

I’ve had a go at using free painting programs on computers which don’t offer the right tools for the way I want to work. I know what I want them to do, but they don’t offer that (such as being able to draw a line and then modify the line by dragging parts of it around into the right places instead of having to delete and redraw it a hundred times - maybe that’s available in some and I just haven’t found the right ones), but I’ve seen enough to think that the best way forward is to write my own tools. Maybe there’s a program that lets you add your own tools into it though, in which case that could save a lot of time, although I don’t know what programming language that would force you to work in if it exists, and I’m not keen to have to learn a new way of working.

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