What will happen if I reach 50,000 hits?

Yeah for now I only got a layout design no scripts since I was stuck at github repository.

My question is, what will happen if my site reach 50,000 hits in just one day? I have noticed that the daily hits refresh everyday and back to 0? Does it mean that, example today I got 30,000 hits and maybe tomorrow it will get back to 0 then so It won’t get suspended due to traffic?


Like it says, it’s a Daily limit, meaning that limit refreshs everyday. If you reach the limit in one day, your site will be suspended for 24 hours.


Ohh I see, I thought like if I get 20k today and 30k tomorrow then my account will get suspended hehe. I have a question. Can I use here like url shortener (none porn or others stuff like that), I found a plugins on software… maybe its okay?

URL shorteners are allowed, but please note that you are still responsible for all the links on your website. Unprotected URL shorteners are a nice target for scammers who use your website to hide links to their own scam pages. If that happens, we’ll hold you responsible.


But damn I got suspended for that, wtf, I got suspended while I uploading the files, I purchase it through codecanyon, and I’m pretty sure its not a virus or scams, and I have to do something after installing the script like I will disable prnhub links, etc.

And I will also add a video streaming without download links, just streaming, I found that kind of plugin from softaculous so I’m pretty sure its allowed.

iFastNet also does suspensions and they are a bit more strict on URL shorteners than I am, although our opinions about them do align.

Just to be clear: if the account review staff said you had to delete the files to keep your account active, then you have to delete the files to keep your account active. Don’t go complain tomorrow if your account is suspended again and say “but @Admin said I could host this site”.

I provide general information. If the account review people say that you can’t host it, then you can’t host it.

Please note that software which is usually paid for, but uploaded to free hosting, is very often pirated. And we don’t allow pirated software on our hosting.

As if popular porn sites are the thing to be worried about. Scam sites usually use pump and dump domains which are basically impossible to maintain a blacklist against.

It’s your responsible to properly protect your URL shortener. That means things like CAPTCHAs and user registration with email verification, blacklist checks (e.g. StopForumSpam) or manual verification. A domain blacklist doesn’t get close to the amount of protection a URL shortener needs to be safe.


Thank you @Admin. I won’t upload url shortener script anymore, iFastnet is very strict. Infinityfree and iFastNet are different you know hehe. Thank you!

What if Anime Video Streaming? Still unallowed? I don’t post a download links just streaming, then like i’ll upload the video to any video sharing then embed it into my site.

If you are allowed to share those videos, yes. If they are pirated streams, you can’t host them.


It’s not pirated for sure, I don’t even know what pirated is, and it just an anime not a movies, you know. Thank you!!

Like streaming/making a paid Movie available for download.


Nah, I’m not doing that, its for toxic people xD.

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