What Ways can I use to Make A Chatting Website?

So I want to create a chatting website, I learnt basic html and css. I then learnt a tiny bit of js. However, to create a chat application with infinityfree, I would think that I need to upload executables, like Node.js, and I know that executables are blocked. How can I achieve this? Just tell me the sort of way and I can probably find the rest online. Thanks!

Step 1 is to find a hosting provider that allows chat scripts, because we don’t. Even though it’s technically possible to build a chat script with a backend in PHP, we don’t allow it.

If you want to run a Websockets server to handle the chat messages, which I would highly recommend, then you don’t want any kind of web hosting, because the way web hosting services (like we offer) work makes it simply impossible to provide your own web server software. The whole point of web hosting is that the provider takes care of that part.

So I’d say you’re either looking for a service that lets you bring your own server software. Which means you’ll need your own (virtual) server to install the software on, or a developer hosting service of some kind, maybe something where you can run Docker containers.

If you want to do that, you do you, but be ready for a very steep learning curve and much higher costs.


Ignore this message, please.

Okay. I only really want to do things that are free, so I guess maybe I won’t create one. If there’s another way, even if it’s a bit more difficult, I’d like to try it. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a bit insecure, because the only people i’d tell about the website do not know much that about IT.

Assuming I can’t at all, even without going to the minimal security option of: ‘give everyone access to the HTML file so the js can do it’s thing without problems and if someone knows how to inspect element and changes the files think about that later’, then at least thank you for responding quickly.

I don’t know exactly what the purpose of your project is and how it’s going to be used. But I would at least like to at least remind you of the option to just use a hosted chat platform instead.

If all you need is a place for a group of friends to talk, a lot of communities just setup a Discord server instead. And if you want live chat on your website for support, something like Tawk.to can do that as well. Both of those are free and fully managed, and linking/integrating those in your site is very simple.

If you insist on self hosting, some cloud providers like Amazon, Google and Oracle have free tiers for both virtual servers and other products which might also be usable for hosting a websockets server.


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