What to do if activating plugin is showing 502


502 Badgateway

It will always happen when I am activating a plug-in on a sub domain of my website in Wordpress

Please share your Website URL

Can you try to install the plugin manually by uploading them using filezilla?


Your site is working from my end

Clear your cache and try again with better internet connection

For detailed explanation see this


No it is the admin end

When Activating BadgeOs plugin

Sorry I can’t understand

It is happening when ever I want to activate my BadgeOs plugin on the admin of Wordpress

I will send a video that shows the error

It is just showing different errors now when I try to activate the plugin on Wordpress

Now you are confusing me

Now infinityFree has disabled my account I don’t know what to do

And sorry for confusing you don’t mind what I said

It’s Okay

You can raise support ticket to get reviewed by staff from Client area

I have now it is online

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Can I install the plugin manually

Please answer

Sorry for late reply, I replied on your new post see


I am having issues installing BadgeOs plugin in Wordpress it is just showing an error

Please be patient. We’re people too, and we’re not here 24/7 to help you with anything you need at any time.

And don’t create multiple topics about the same issue. The only thing creating multiple topics will speed up is how quickly you’ll be banned from the forum for spamming.