What The F

I logged into my website and a gray screen came out, I opened my checkbox to ask the help forum and one of my previous problems was answered. If Cloudflare is to be used, it was telling me not to activate it via cpanel. I turned off cloudflare and entered my site again, nothing changed. I entered a subdomain of my site and the ads in the picture appeared! How can I not swear !!!

My site: mamosko.xyz

Subdomain: cekilis.mamosko.xyz

(I used Google Translate)

your domain has been suspended (not with us but with the registrar)
I assume you need to verify the email


This is not a hosting problem this problem is caused by your domain provider.

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As OxyDac said you should verify your domain.


Ok, so I checked the website and the subdomain right now and they are now working, so I assume you verified your WHOIS details. If you still can’t access the website, please note it may take up to 72 hours for the new DNS records to propagate, as explained on this article:


Your site is online for me

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I need to verify my e-mail address. I created a little too much tension: D


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