What softwere dose this forum use

Just a bit interred.
What software dose this forum use?

And would it be posable to host that software on this host?

Thanks for any replys

This forum uses Discourse. It’s not possible to host it on free hosting, because it’s made to be hosted in a VPS or a Linux PC.

AH ok i was just being a bit intreged as i like the softwere i will do some digging in to a vps then

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I think you can install discourse on shared hosting too but with some tricks like installing it first on localhost and then migrating it to shared hosting.

Anyway i like flarum more than discourse lol. You need SSH Access to install flarum if you don’t have SSH Access then you can use the same trick as for discourse.

With Flarum, this will work, because Flarum uses PHP and MySQL. You only need to work around the Composer part to get it installed (which you can do by downloading the dependencies on your own computer and uploading the vendor folder), and then you can run it on shared hosting.

Discourse, on the other hand, is built with the Ruby programming language, and requires PostgreSQL and Redis databases. I don’t know of any web hosting provider which offers all of that, primarily because Redis doesn’t support multiple applications as well as MySQL or PostgreSQL does. And even if you manage to find a provider which offers those components, you still have to deal with Ruby Gems, the Rake CLI, whatever asset management tools Discourse uses, and any other tweaks, tools and optimizations Discourse has done with their Docker setup which a web hosting provider might not have.

Bitnami ships other, unofficial, packages for Discourse as well: Discourse® Cloud Hosting, Discourse® Installer, Docker Container and VM But they primarily ship server templates, which require a separate server to use.

In short, I would be extremely impressed if you would be able to get it to work on any web hosting provider, but I think you’d have to jump through so many hoops to get that done that it would be more of a technical dare than a practical way to run Discourse.


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