What should i put in place server name in php from

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you can see that if u enter the details in my second form its coming timeout it measn my server name is wrong




You can find the database hostname to use in both the client area and in control panel in the MySQL Databases sections.

Note that phpMyAdmin is hosted on a different server than your database itself, so putting the phpMyAdmin IP address in your website configuration will not work.


I really don’t see anything wrong with your Screenshot, You can access your database data correctly

I see a timeout if i try to submit the form on your website, which is basically not a helpful error, so please provide more details such as your database configuration (make sure to censor sensitive data).

If you used the phpMyAdmin IP Address, that’s incorrect, you should be using sql202.infinityfree.com or sql202.byetcluster.com (both will be fine for you)


I took a quick look at the configuration you’re using in your code.

Please make sure that the database hostname matches the displayed hostname EXACTLY. You may want to copy-paste it instead of typing it to avoid problems.

Because the database hostname you’re using is missing a letter. And like with all hostnames and domain names: if it’s not exactly right, it’s wrong, and it won’t work.


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