What runs InfinityFree and what makes it profitable?

I have seen many things thrown around here such as, byet.host in MX records, and iFastNet in the upgrades,and with the profit side, how is it possible? You don’t run ads, you don’t limit us with storage, (like if I wanted I could host a 900 TB file and you would let me not that I will) I have tried self-hosting but its hard. So whats the magic?

Hello there,

Well let’s just say InfinityFree is a branch of the parent company called iFastNet. iFastNet owns the free servers and InfinityFree is permitted to provide services with the free servers.

I’m not sure how much InfinityFree earns each year but the only way InfinityFree earns money is through ads and the affilate links. When you view the ads here on InfinityFree, it generates some money and if you click on them it generates a much bigger amount of money than just viewing them as far as what I’m aware.
InfinityFree also joined the affiliate program, everytime you upgrade to a premium plan using the InfinityFree affiliate link then InfinityFree will be given a share of some money.

I do not know anything else how they generate money but those two things I said above is what I’m sure.


I can confirm most of what @UnknownLolz said. However, I should clarify a few things:

InfinityFree is not legally part of iFastNet. We’ve partnered with them, but we’re different legal entities, with different people working from different countries. InfinityFree is an independent entity.

The how of our service is described in more detail here:


And I should add that you’re not able to host a 900 TB file here. We have a 10 MB file size limit, and a number of other fair usage restrictions. We provide free hosting for websites, our systems are not designed for backup hosting.


Okay, now I know why I cant put up my 25 GB of music on here to stream

It’s not allowed on this hosting either.

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So just fourms, wordpress, and other things like that?

Just websites, yes.


Ok ill remember that so I don’t get my account suspended

Infinityfree has ads on its website. Maybe, they get money from ifastnet.

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