What on earth are you admins doing to my accounts

You guys keep suspending my accounts for no good reason, then apologizing afterwards and restoring them. I decided to delete my files from all of my accounts and move to a different server but in the process of trying to delete the files you guys suspended all the accounts again. I never violated any rules I’m aware of. All I ever did was upload updated files to the server that was already there. This is the worse treatment I ever got from any free web hosting service. I want to delete all my files off your service and get a paid account some place else. I wouldn’t pay you guys a red cent after how I been treated here.


Most likely, something in your files triggered the automated system. So support whitelisted the file, and un-suspended the account.

However, as soon as you update the file, it gets re-flagged by the system and the process restarts again.

Premium hosting does not have this issue, and your files can be whitelisted in a different way if they do cause a problem there.


What do you mean something in my files? “Something in your files” doesn’t tell me what the “something” is. Don’t you guys know the something is, I mean you’re the ones who created the “automated system” did you not. Now you telling me “a paid account” doesn’t have these kinds of issues. So if I get the paid account and the issue resurfaces again, do I get a refund?


Can you guys turn my free account into a premium account or do I have to go through a different process?


Can you tell me which file(s) is causing the automated system to suspend my accounts. That way I know not to upload those files. I mean help me out here, I don’t know how to fix the problem if I don’t know what the problem is.

You need to buy a premium plan with iFastNet, our infrastructure provider and then contact their support team for them to migrate your website. For more info:

Only the support team can tell that information.


Okay fbp110, I’m gonna go get a iFastNet premium account but the only reason I’m sticking with you guys is because your forum support is top of the line. I always get a response from people who genuinely try to help people out and that’s worth more than gold to me so thank you folks for your replies. Off to iFastNet…


I tried twice to get the premium account for 47.88 but it got denied both times then I got an email from my bank right afterwards saying

Transaction date:09/22/2022
Country:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Your debit card was used outside the 50 states (U.S.)

WTF does that mean? How do I pay for the premium account now? SMH

Never mind I used PayPay looks like it went through.

I checked your profile. I see one account that has been suspended one time. So while I’m happy to look into this, I can’t exactly go and look for a pattern in a single occurrence.

It seems you need to ask your bank to allow international payments on your card. iFastNet can’t force your bank to accept their charge.


Now that you have a premium account, follow this guide in order to transfer your files to your premium account.

If you want your website to be migrated by premium support, create a ticket at support.iFastNet.com and request a transfer.

Be sure to share the invoice number of your new premium account, and the username of your old free hosting account.

Do let me know if you have any questions!



Wow thanks a lot for the info much appreciated. Yeah I was a bit at a loss over at iFastNet it’s a whole different setup than Infinity but your directions here make things a bit simpler so kudos mate.


One big hissup though is I can’t find the Cpanel over there. Are they even a web hosting service cuz it looks like they just sell stuff over there.

Source (0:20 - 0:33)

  1. Login into the iFastNet Client Area.
  2. There should be a box saying something like “1 Services”, click on it.
  3. Select your plan (in your case, Super Premium (Yearly))
  4. Then, there should be an “Actions” box on the left corner on your screen. In it, click “Login to cPanel”:
    You now should be logged in to the iFastNet’s cPanel.


You are a god send everything worked as you replied and good thing too because I don’t think I would have found it. I did see the Services link but I was using a different method to try to get the cPanel which never worked so thank you a gazillion for helping me out.


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