What it is?

link 100 percent correct

The reason is because you’ve created that domain under 72 hours ago. it takes up to 72 hrs to start working :slight_smile:


I already understood it, thanks
Apparently I should learn to wait.
¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

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by the way, the problem sometimes arises
including when using a VPN
More than 72 hours have passed.
I will be glad of any help :3

please, H-E-L-P me

Hey @Sadoff, could you provide your website URL?

I think this is simply a DNS issue, but provide me with a URL to the website to make sure.



Have you uploaded files?

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of course
he works for me
but with vpn not (sometimes it also doesn’t work for me)

Are they correctly uploaded in the htdocs directory?

if it works for me, I think yea

Please double check your DNS settings in Cloudflare. I just checked your website directly while bypassing Cloudflare and it just worked.

And if you don’t know how to configure Cloudflare correctly, maybe consider using our nameservers instead, which are already configured correctly to show your website.

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