What is this message? Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not found

What exactly does this message mean? When uploading videos, that message appears but resizing videos, the videos is ok but some still isn’t. Even with resizing, the video still say [Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not found]

Can you please provide your URL, as well as the script you are running?



I deleted it before i made this comment due to thinking it was messed up

Also you mention scrkpt. What script you’re refering?


I was asking for you to provide the name of the program you are running on your site (Or did you create it yourself?). Also, if you could please re-upload the code to your site, and provide a URL so we can take a look.



Please do not that there is a 10 MB file size limit here. This may prevent you from hosting video files here. But that’s because we don’t allow video sharing sites here to begin with, due to their excessive disk space and bandwidth needs.

~not~ note

Ah, 10mb is low so this hosting site doesn’t allow it. What any other website does? Viphentai.org is under wordpress.org but I see people upload videos there. Is it under paid version? And youtube don’t allow such content let alone google or most of the websites

Please remember that InfinityFree is Free. Because of this, you are not paying for anything, so everything cannot be given to you. If you do not like this limit, at least remember that it is better than nothing, and you can always upgrade to get it removed.


You bet. i love Infinityfree because they’re much more fair. Compare to most of the hosting sites I see, they don’t have any free trials that’s offer things for free. Plus some of the sites like youtube restrict everything now day. I just really suck these days

WordPress is open source software, people can do whatever they want with it. Hosting is another question.

Regarding the site you listed, it’s likely hosted with a provider that does allow larger files to be uploaded (which is most providers, even on iFastNet’s premium hosting that’s no problem), does allow video hosting and does allow adult content.

Every hosting provider is free to set their own restrictions (within the limits of the law, of course). But just because one site on one hosting provider does allow something doesn’t mean another site on another hosting provider is OK too.

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Tbh it made me feel really down. I wanted to learn how to make my own video website similar to forosdz. i don’t know how to. Youtube and a lot of websites don’t even accept shota/loli cartoon hentai. I felt disgusted the fact parents protecting kids. It’s understandable that some parents is ok. but blaming cartoons. And the parents lack monitor on the kids is why today’s youth is out of control. Sorry for bringing it up. I’m just feeling upset

Note that uploading those videos here would also be violating the TOS. Many countries have banned that type of video, and for good reason.

If you really want to share it with others, you will have to find a video site that allows it, but be sure to read the TOS, so you don’t get banned, or worse.


The main problem here is the uploading of videos itself, not so much the subject and content of the videos. Video hosting is complicated and takes a ton of disk space, bandwidth and processing power, and we cannot give that away for free.

Adult content is also not allowed on our service. There is a variety of reasons for this, not just “kids shouldn’t be exposed to porn”.

Shota/loli content has the additional problem of being linked to child pornography, which is something we want to stay very, very far away from.


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