What is this forum based on?

Does anyone know what software and theme this forum is based on?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This forum is using discourse. A free and open-source forum software. Unfortunately, you cannot install it in free hosting.

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Not even via FTP?

discourse uses Ruby on Rails, which isn’t PHP (what this hosting provider provides as a language to program websites in)


If you want to install a Discourse-like forum, you should consider Codoforum

download it here
it has a free version too

demo: https://codoforum.ga


ok, ill have a look.

This forum ran on Codoforum as well back in 2016. The whole project felt a bit hacky back then. It was moved to Vanilla Forums later that year, I haven’t kept track of what happened to the project since then.


So now it’s on Discourse right?
I know ProFreeHost is on Vanilla

Yes, this forum is currently running on Discourse.



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