What is the unsupported free SSL cert providers

what is the unsupported free providers name to avoid it and what will happen if i used one of them

You just don’t want to buy SSL. Add cloudflare to your site from cPanel. Then your site will get Free Cloudflare SSL. No need to type keys and paste. (Cloudflare activation may take upto 48-72 hours)


Or if you are a domain owner (not free subdomains) you can do the as @GadgetPodda suggested

Just to state very clearly: we don’t block any SSL certificate providers. An SSL certificate issued by any recognized SSL certificate provider can be uploaded without any problems. Nothing will happen to you or your account if you use any particular SSL vendor.

However, it’s important to note that not all domain verification methods used by SSL vendors can be used on InfinityFree. Most importantly, the ACME protocol does not provide any supported verification method. This means that SSL providers using ACME (primarily Let’s Encrypt) and websites only offering these SSL providers (like sslforfree.com) cannot be used with InfinityFree.

But it’s important to note that we do not ban or block these SSL vendors. We won’t shut down your website if you install an SSL certificate from them.

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