What is the NUMERIC daily ep limit? 10 to 20 PHP hits?

My epiz_27197885 resource usage graphs has numbers for the Daily Hits graph (0,10000,20000,30000) with usage hovering at the 0. All the other graphs just show green/red lines WITH NO REFERENCE to the numeric values these lines represent.

I received a 50% warning for ep limit a few days ago, then got Account Temporarily Suspended yesterday:
The daily limit you reached was your ep-sus.php daily ep limit.

Currently, I’d visit a PHP file (I’m assuming that’s 1 EP hit), then I’d upload a file (another EP hit) for maybe 5 uploads a day. And maybe 5 to 10 more views of the page.

So what is the daily ep limit? Maybe 10 to 20 PHP hits?

I was thinking to save the View part of the PHP into simple HTML, then only have the upload action be the PHP file, which I’d expect to half my EP usage.

From what I understand of Entry Processes, the counter isn’t really about cumulative PHP requests (which are covered by the CPU and hits metrics), but rather the number of concurrent (PHP) requests.

So if you have no traffic at all for most of the time, and then hit the server really hard with some bulk scripts or whatever, you’d have quite low hits and CPU usage, but high EP usage.

And yes, there is no reference. That’s intentional. The exact calculations, values and thresholds are confidential.


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