What is the meaning of Inodes Used

Please make me understand


I have deleted all files but still it read full

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When did you delete all the files?

The information in the VistaPanel has some delay. So you might have to check again after few hours.


I did but not working,

Then, you have to wait for admin. So he can have a deeper look into your account.


You’re explaining your issue in 10 letters, how can we understand what you actually want from us?


From: What does the inode limit mean - Docs - InfinityFree Forum

I deleted many files, why doesn’t my inode usage go down?

Please note that the inode counter in the control panel is not a live counter. It’s only sampled once every so often (at least once per day).

So if you just added or removed many files and are wondering why your inode usage hasn’t changed, just wait for some time for the counter to update.

Also, if you do believe there is an issue with the inode counter, can you please specify on which account you experience this issue?

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