What is the best "page caching" for Infinityfree websites?

Hello everyone. I received an “Critical issue” from the “Site Health Status” section of WordPress that says: Page cache is not detected and the server response time is slow. Now I want to install a very simple and light page cache that is suitable for Infinityfree host. What plugin do you recommend? Thank You

The more plugins you install, the slower your site gets. So instead of installing mote plugins, you should delete plugins and themes that you do not use.


Thank you, but i have just 1 theme and 2 plugings (Formidable and Yoast).
Also, the options in the “َAdd New Post” section (like Featured image, Tags and Categories) are not shown to me. I have to keep refreshing the page for them to appear.
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If it is a heavy theme and 2 resource intensive plugins, the website will still be very slow…
Formidable is a paid plugin, perhaps you should consider premium hosting.
If you did not pay for it, take note IF does not condone the usage of nulled software


One caching plugin should be fine. Too many (big) plugins can overload WordPress and multiple caching plugins can cause conflicts, but a single, good caching plugin should be a net benefit.

As for which cache plugin to use, I don’t have any recommendations I can give you from my own experience. I think popular options like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache should do well, and WP Super Cache from the company behind WordPress also seems like a good fit.


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