What is softsql.sql in relation to Softaculous?

This is related to another topic where i asked about one of my softaculous backups not being able to restore a database and me losing all my work, well somebody said look for a .sql file and i didnt do a very good job since trying to get some media from the backup so i can rebuild everything, i found softsql.sql, and was wondering if i could get my database back using this file or i am wasting my time ?

Well, that is your database backup

Thats cool and all but since softaculous says “cant locate database file” or something like that, how can i use it to restore my site?

You need to import via PHPAdmin

Been there done that but the site just doesnt work. It prompts me to install wordpress, could this be because i removed the domain and then added it again so the actual files are in a different directory?

You cannot do a blind import. You need to do with understanding.
Follow the link below. I am assuming your old database is still available.

Thanks a bunch for the help but i dont find anything that could help me since the database was recreated by Softaculous, but it was empty so i imported that file manually, i might not understand this right but you told that guy to change the prefix witch for me is not needed i think since its the same name for the database and all that.

So is the database still the same? Show me the old database vs new database.

Can you show the content of softsql.sql?

According to Softaculous yes it is,(since after i restore the backup the details specify the name and all that, and it creates an empty database with that name) i cant have a comparison between the old one and new. And for your other question, here is the actual file, any input is appreciated since i am so close to just giving up on this softsql.sql (6.0 MB)

You need to extract postmeta, post, termmeta, terms, term-relationships and term_taxonomy tables from softsql.sql

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