What Is Proper HTML Format to Add JPG Image and External Links?

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I am trying to re-create a page I had on a different host site, but things are not showing up the same way here. In my HTML code, how do I get JPG and GIF images to show up on my page here? At the old site, for example, I was able to use the HTML code and the GIF named “updated.gif” that I had uploaded to the folder would appear on the webpage. Also, I have links within the backrowreviews.com page to places in other text files, but those links are not going there now. (For example, the movie title “Almost Famous” is pointing to backrowreviews.com/brindexa.html/#almost famous. At my old host, that would find the review within the text file brindexahtml.doc. Here, it goes nowhere.) How can I get those links to re-direct where they are supposed to go using HTML? Thanks for any help.

Our servers work pretty much as you will see with any other hosting provider regarding files and URLs. If you upload a file called updated.gif to the htdocs folder of your site, you can access the file through the URL backrowreviews.com/updated.gif. Looking at the home page I don’t see any broken links to images to the page.

As for the URL backrowreviews.com/brindexa.html, for that you need to upload a file brindexa.html for that to work. And if you have a file brindexa.doc, then it can be accessed as backrowreviews.com/brindexa.doc. There is no automatic conversion of .doc files to .html URLs or content. Is this what you expected to happen?

(Note: I am re-uploading this reply, because I forgot that putting HTML code in these replies doesn’t work because they vanish – so I have put extra spaces in the HTML code examples this time, just so you can see them.) Neither of those changes had any effect. My JPG and GIF images still do not appear, even though I changed the page’s HTML code to < IMG SRC = "backrowreviews.com/updated.gif "> (for example). And even though I uploaded a file called “brindexa.html,” with destinations to movies starting with the letter “A” from the main page (using the link < A HREF= “backrowreviews.com/brindexa.html#almostfamous” >, clicking those links on the main page only takes me to an Infinity Free “403 Forbidden” page (with the URL https://infinityfree.net/errors/403/#almostfamous). How can I adjust the HTML code to make the images show up, and to link to reviews with my other pages?

You didn’t choose relative path nor absolute but something in between !

Please see how the address is chosen correctly

  • Absolute path starts with protocol (http://)
  • relative path does not contain a domain at all

Please note that HTML is a valid markup language for posts in this forum. If you want to share programming code and want to show it as code, you have to wrap it in a code block. I write my posts with Markdown, which means I put a line with three backticks ``` above and below my post like this (select the text and click Quote to see the raw version)

<img src="photo.jpg">

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