What is my ip address

hello…i have a website on infinityfree 
i want to know the ip address of the website to get access via typing the ip address on the address bar and get to the website…if there is any steps, please mention them.
my website: http://blazeserver.is-great.net

i know that the ip address is 
but look it does not work. it shows “403 Forbidden”
something like this:

403 Forbidden


You can find the IP address of your website like this: https://infinityfree.net/support/find-your-ip/

However, please note that we host many websites on a single IP address, so it's not possible to see your website by visiting the IP address directly. But you can preview your website by editing your computer's "hosts file" to point the subdomain to the IP address before the DNS changes have fully gone through.

It’s impossible on free hosting plan.