What is my cPanel password?

Hello and Thank you for this wonderfull free hosting!
PS: I will upgrade as soon as i made profit outta it

And i have a questions, I had a script which requires a Database, I had run this script on LOCALHOST first and it works so ive uploaded it via File Manager and when i install the script it asked for my Database Information which is :
Database Host
Database Name
Database User
Database Password
Database Prefix

I had filled the Host with MySQL Host Name
Database name with MySQL DB Name
Database User with MySQL User Name
But when it comes to the password section, things getting a little bit more confusing, ive tried the Infinity Free password (infinityfree.net) and Ive tried File manager password but still the same, it says Password Is Incorrect!

So then, ive browsed the forums and founded out that some1 says you can reset it at the bottom of your cPanel but when i look for that option, I found nothing.

So after a few more browsing and confusing moments, I wrote this.

If anyone here knows how to locate my cPanel password please let me know.


You can find your password by going to the client area, clicking the little arrow next to the account and selecting Password in the dropdown. There you can view and edit your password.

Okay Thanks A LOT!