What is InfinityFree i/o limit?

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Error Message received: “Your account was suspended because you hit the I/O Limits .”

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Signed up an Infinityfree account and have my website created using Wordpress in May this year. The website worked well for a few months. And in August, I started to receive the i/o usage exceeded 50% messages. The site is not actively being visited or changed. So I am not sure what is different that triggered the i/o usage increase. Again, I did not do anything different with the website and my website started to be suspended DAILY for about a week now. I removed all the plugins, disabled crawler, and used Cloudflare (CDN). I also stopped change or visit the site all together. But nothing made a difference. My site is still suspended every day. Can anyone tells me what is the i/o limit for InfinityFree? And if I upgrade, what the i/o limit will be increased to? I looked through all the limits of InfinityFree, but cannot find the limit for i/o usage. I use less than 10% of all other system limits. I fear that even if I upgrade to a paid plan, the i/o usage issue will continue as I do not know what made it to exceed the limit at the first place.

Website probably hacked?
Try to remove website from CloudFlare dns and observe…

Also, do note you cannot disable crawlers, you can give them a message asking not to be crawled, but its up to them to decide. Also, if the website has been hacked @KangJL, then disabling cloudflare will do you no good.

@ [HaydenANG] What I meant was make sure the domain is still pointing to CloudFlare dns. Just need to remove A record (within CloudFlare dns) for domain to “disconnect” the website.

Yes, especially if your in a suspension loop

  • Reach limits - suspended whilst sleeping
  • Can’t fix for 24 hours
  • Goes to sleep
  • Reach limits - suspended whilst sleeping

And you see the loop…

So yes, that would work.

Thank you both for replying. Yes, I am in the exact suspension loop HaydenANG is referring. When I wake up, the site is suspended again. I had previously tested to see whether the site is being attacked and everything came back clean. Anyway, I removed A records in CloudFlare as suggested. CloudFlare now says that I need to add an A, AAA, or CNAME record so that my site will resolve. I will see whether my site will be suspended again tonight or not. Thanks.

This is really odd. Even after I removed the A record in CloudFlare, I got a warning message saying I used more than 50% of i/o limit during the middle of the site suspension. The site is still suspended and will not come back until an hour later. The warning message was sent to me 6 hours ago. So i/o is used when my site was suspended and not accessible?

If your account is suspended, it should not be using any IO.

But I don’t know how well the email notifications work, and if the moment they land in your inbox is also the exact moment you’ve hit the 50% threshold.

Remember: email is not instant. There are always queues, delays and back-offs. An email can arrive nearly instantly or take many hours to arrive.


@ [MWS-LLC] If you are using Wordpress 5.5.x, maybe try downgrading to 5.4.2 to see if I/O issue still persist?

@ KangJL: I just checked and I am using 5.4.2 version of the WordPress, not a higher version.

@All: I also disabled wp-cron in hope that it will reduce the i/o usage. My recent deactivation history shows that my site was suspended on 10/1 at 9:05, reactivated on 10/2 at 10:21 and suspended again on 10/2 at 13:06 (2 hours later). Of course the time listed on the log is not my local time. Do anyone know if the paid plan also have i/o usage limit?

@MWS-LLC Have u scanned ur website for malware?

(Fix WordPress High I/O Usage In Cpanel - Ucartz Online Pvt Ltd)

@KangJL: Yes, I did and everything is clean. I saw this article too when I started to have the i/o issue and have followed all the suggestions in it. But nothing made a difference. Do you know whether I can delete my website (not account) and re-create a website with the same domain without using WordPress?

Sure! Just delete all the files in the folder of your website (probably the htdocs folder), delete the database of your WordPress installation and start over.


@Admin: Thanks for the information. I deleted the WP database and files. Used Mobirise and created a new static HTML site. My site has not suspended yet as I deleted and loaded the new site files a few times. So hopefully the i/o issue goes away with the static HTML site. My guess is that WP is using too much i/o no matter what. If there is anyone out there who has been using WP for more than 6 months and has not gotten any i/o messages or suspensions, please let me know. I am curious. Thanks all for your advice.

OK. I give up. My static HTML site is still getting the i/o usage warnings and suspensions. I switched host and my site is finally working now. It does not seem like InfinityFree is a viable hosting solution. I would not mind to upgrade to the paid plan. But the fact that no one knows what is causing the i/o usage issues and what exact is the limit at each plan level is too concerning to continue using it as a Host. Thanks everyone for trying to help. Hope your experience with InfinityFree is better than mine.

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