What is ifast net?

Is ifast net better than infinity free?

IF is free wheras iFastnet is not. So what are you comparing?

Website loading speed

IF is slower

Ifast net is the developer of infinity free, right?

Yes, but many accounts are hosted on the same server. So speed is slow as such. iFastNet is paid, with better resources allocated.

iFastNet is most definitely better than InfinityFree! You get faster servers, higher limits, more features and one-on-one support.

The only thing that’s worse is price, InfinityFree is free, whereas iFastNet’s hosting is not.

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Bro ifasntnet is the developer of infinityfree also , right?

Not exactly.

iFastNet built the free hosting platform. InfinityFree uses that platform, and built the client area and some other extras around it. iFastNet doesn’t own InfinityFree.


Are you really Owner of infinity free?

Yes, Admin is the owner, as well as the only worker. He custom-built the entire client area, and set up almost everything on the InfinityFree.net domain and its subdomains. Then, he gives it all away for free.


Amazing @Admin

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