What is going on?

My website URL is: dartagnanmagic.com

What I’m seeing is:

First off, it wouldn’t let me upgrade Elementor basic…said it couldn’t copy file -tried twice.

Then deleted Elementor basic and tried to reinstall…failed because of a copy filew issue which was a .txt file?

Tried to restore then instead and got this…

Restore failed…

  • Archive is expected to be size: 23793.9 KB: Error: file is size: 5944 (24364959, 6086656)
  • Error: UpdraftPlus needed to create a file in your content directory, but failed - please check your file permissions and enable the access (/home/vol10_7/epizy.com/epiz_20580360/htdocs/wp-content/upgrade/testfile_833930869ecc9cf3d94a5136e0dcc6fa2906b96.txt)

Just tried to reinstall elementor basic again and got this…

Installation failed: Could not create directory. elementor/assets/css



It was running everything fine yesterday so I don’t think its either of the issues you raise.

But for me it’s related to both WordPress max_execution_time and the maximum file size. Upload Elementor Basic with a FTP client after extracting the zip file on your computer and remove UpdraftPlus from the WordPress plugins.

Ahhhhh. Gotcha.

Did yours just happen today. I also noticed I was having form problems in that I couldn’t subscribe to my email list when testing a new page.

I’m actually already uploading elementor via FTP right now…

I don’t have any WordPress site for me at the moment, and I’m now using X10Hosting as my hosting, while my friend’s site is hosted here and is not touching the wp-admin right now.

While manually uploading it I got this now…

I recommend uploading the files with a FTP client like FileZilla or WinSCP instead of using a file manager.


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Is the host name app.infinityfree.net? What’s the port?

Hostname: ftpupload.net (or
Port: 21

Which is my client name? The epiiz_ name or my email?

The username and the password are on the hosting account informations on the Client Area.

yeah but which name is it…the epiz_464758743504339 numbers one or ? an actual name – it doesn’t say username in the client area

The username is like epiz_12345678.
For the password on the Client Area click on the username of your account, and click on “Show/Hide” to show the password.

Okay figured it out. You should tell people it’s under Account details…username and password because it’s different than logging onto this site.


Now upload elementor manually?>

I was trying to tell people to go on the hosting account details!
Now, go to htdocs/wp-content/plugins and upload Elementor.

Yep. it’s uploading.

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to insult - just reiterating :slight_smile:

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I knew you weren’t insulting, but reiterating me :slight_smile: