What is "Daily hits"?

Hello, InifintyFree! Im newbie in this hosting, and i really want to know, what is “Daily Hits” Means and what does it do? And how does it affects my web-site?

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A hit occurs when a browser tries to request a file from your account. When a visitor tries to load a page, their browser will first try to request the main page contents from your account. After that, it will also request any included content, like styling files, scripts and images. Each of those requests is a “hit”, and they are all counted towards the daily hits limit.

If your account receives more than 50,000 of these hits on a single day, your website may be taken down.

Okay, thank you very much!

But, what do you mean under “Your website may be taken down”? Is website going to be permanently deleted forever?


No your account will be only taken down for one day/24 hours. We have this feature to disable our servers from overloading which would make us bankrupt.

However usually people do not reach this daily hit limit and everything is okay unless you are planning to host very big website.

Alright, thank you very much! This is only hosting which is perfect at all parameters for me! Long life, InfinityFree!