What is better (jQuery or Javascript)

JavaScript use more daily hits, and not good
so, there some developer’s say jQuery it’s better

Javascript is language, jQuery is library programmed in that language.


so,Complete my studies in jQuery or JavaScript

Study first about the HTML & CSS, as they are the most important languages on web developing! After that, the Javascript and PHP

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For me, pure Javascript is better than JQuery! Why?

1.) Jquery is a javascript library which means it also dependable to Javascript.
2.) It is proven that a website with less or no library loads faster
3.) Pure Javascript is fast, direct, no dependencies.


HTML5 and CSS3 I learned it
ok, JS is better
thanks for help

Learned it Here!

i learn in there

yes, beri gud! goodluck senpai lizou!

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While I know it’s already answered but I’ll give my own answer that I’ve got in 1 year.
Use Pure Javascript because you can code your own functions or etc. While JQuery is easier but it takes more time to load and also quite limited.

Personally I use pure Javascript for coding html5 canvas or page designs.


JQuery is much more powerful, and there are several things you can never achieve using pure JS unless you have years of experience working with core team that develop libraries (not even then). JQuery has powered Bootstrap and AJAX for about a decade, so there’s no comparison. When you enter extensive coding, you will realize using your own code is simple re-inventing the wheel, and sometimes, it will cost you more resources, loading time and server cost because of bad or underdeveloped code.

If you want to use pure JS for very simple reasons, then JQuery will be an overkill, but otherwise, JQuery is a monster. Trust me.


But obviously, you should learn Javascript before learning any of its libraries.


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