What is Best 000webhost.com Hostinger shit or infinityFree.net iFast.net BEST!

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

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THOSE LIERS OF 000webhost team of Hostinger BIGGER LIERS! Why a lot of our community members some are software developers some are hardware owners, and lot of them try all those shared hosting Bulshit! Hostinger is the biggest lier, they dont own servers or any hardware they developed Cpanel some version of theirs and they promise something and done opposit… marketing trick to gain a lot of new customers they put free hosting and lie unlimited this that but try to upload 1 terabyte on their shared servers, hehe, they will disconect premium accounts for less than this, so please if you need good server, i am user of iFast servers and free Hostind and PS i am connecting from www . portoroz .si / en Adriatic Sea Coast 6000 kilometers +++ and i must admit responsive time for shared hosting is fantastic better then Hostinger Premium Account, they should have input output minimum for premium account 100/100 MBit but no trust me i testet not long time ago iFast is better hosting and if you need premium Account do not think about other hosting Premium or buy home server this is best option and minimul LAN speed 200/200 Mbit download upload speed for home server and you won! But if you dont have lot of money for good home server than the best choice is iFast,

and this is telling guy from EU, so fare away and in my oppinion if you have small business than best option iFast they have it all, VPS for more advance users and needs cca. medium capabilityes processing units or Dedicated Server iFast.net will provide all, trust me for any small business is the best cheepest oprion for makeing a profesionall virtual office for your small business!!!

ciao from

Portorose, Slovenia, EU

Boris Perc

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sorry for mistakes i type too fast too fourious

Firstly, the second provider of free and premium hosting is called iFastNet, not iFast.net.
But I’m happy you enjoyed our services and over all the iFastNet ones!
And someone like @Oxy, put this in Other Discussions.

Please do not use posts to advertise your site - you got a BIO section on your nick for that
(preferences > profile > about me/web)

And if you hope for more backlinks, I’ll disappoint you because on every link is added (see img)
(that crawlers are not following it)

Please don’t mention me every once in a while and I know how to run my moderator job

thx !

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Hostinger paid a lot to advertise its hosting service so that i think that’s why they can’t provide a good service Xb , Like a lot of companies , care only about making a good reputation by ads but never care about the product.

it’s like , perfect pen without ads = 1$ , bad pen with ads = 1$ or more and people buy the bad one

I’ve never seen any advertise about Infinity free and i think that’s why its service is awesome.


hehe lol

vem kako se reče ben štekaj zdaj ti mene
kaj pravim



i am not english

Bravo , your thinking is good…

I konw We provide in my country a lot of free services,



and others Slovenian IT Communities work for people non profit org…

sorry fror my mistakes i understand and speak 7 languages but i do not use often english so do lot of mistakes

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