What is aes.js used for every site using ifastnet free hosting

My site is blocked from access due to ads and I try to look in the source code I see aes.js that is not in my site’s file manager, I do an investigation by entering the url /aes.js on every free ifastnet hosting I have and files it still exists, not only in the main domain the file is also on the subdomain that was created. how to delete the aes.js file

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In short, you cannot delete aes.js file.
If you have custom domain, adding it to CF at https://dash.cloudflare.com/login
shd bypass it


It is injected to prevent automated bots accessing the websites and use up all of your resources.

You can understand more by reading


I use google chrome, and that’s the error I encountered

aes.js is a part of the security for your site. it exists for every free hosting website while users don’t have access to it. And what error do you EXACTLY see when you enter your website? any screenshots?


Uploading: Screenshot_2020-12-19-15-01-46-052_com.android.chrome.jpg…


You can see that my site is covered with advertisements and when I try to view the page source there is a aes.js script

Hmm, PFH Detected…
WHy not go to their forums?

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no, earlier my infinityfree account was like that screenshot earlier when I investigated all the free ifastnet hosting accounts that I have

Is unaux.com our domain?
Edit: You might ask PFH for that.


All aes.js does it run a bit of Javascript code to generate and set a cookie. It doesn’t show any ads, do any tracking, or does anything else that could be considered harmful. If it’s showing ads for you, then something is definitely going wrong.

I’m willing to look into this. But if so, can you please reproduce this issue on an InfinityFree account and share the site URL here? I can’t investigate an issue on an account I don’t have access to, and I can only access InfinityFree accounts.


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